Brakes Service

brake-repairThe residents of Littleton North Carolina do a lot of driving, and they face a wide variety of weather conditions every time they head out on the roads. From driving rain and sudden downpours to ice and snow, Littleton area drivers need to be ready for anything.

Those drivers also need to know that their brakes are working the way they should. Whether your vehicle is equipped with state-of-the-art driving tech like automatic braking or relies on discs, drums and ABS sensors, you can rely on the braking experts at Lake Gaston Auto to keep you safer on the road.

Are Your Brakes Making Noise?

It is easy to ignore brake noise, especially if the sounds go away quickly or only arise on rainy days. Even so, any unusual noises coming from your brakes should be cause for concern, and you should keep your ears open every time you drive.

Sometimes those brake noises are benign, but other sounds could mean trouble. If you hear a strange squealing noise when you step on the brakes, your car could be trying to tell you it needs brake lining. Driving with worn out brake lining is dangerous, and it could cause significant damage to the underlying discs and drums. If you think your brake lining needs replaced, just bring your vehicle to Lake Gaston Auto for the brake service you need.

Expert Service for New Braking Systems

While disc and drum brakes have been around for quite some time, there are many new braking systems on the market as well. It does not matter what kinds of brakes your vehicle is equipped with or how long you have had your car – when your brakes need service you cannot afford to wait.

At Lake Gaston Auto, we have expertise with all kinds of braking systems, from state-of-the-art automated braking and ABS to traditional disc and drum systems. You can rely on our technicians to provide the brake service you need, so you can stay safe behind the wheel and your vehicle can stay protected.

Is Your Brake Line Leaking?

Checking the brake fluid should be part of your regular vehicle maintenance. If you notice a drop in the fluid level inside the reservoir, you need to act quickly.

A brake fluid leak is serious, and you cannot afford to ignore it. You need to find the leak right away, and the brake system experts at Lake Gaston Auto can help you find it. We will pinpoint the source of the leak in your brake line, make recommendations for repairs and fix it fast. You can rely on us for all your brake system needs, from major repairs to minor preventative maintenance.